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Dinosaur Extinction: Causal Loop Diagram of Earth Feedback System

Dewey M. McLean
This site features a causal loop diagram from system dynamics methodology showing the solar-earth-space energy flow system (the dominant flow system driving earth's surficial systems, including the ...
Subject: Environmental Science:Ecosystems:Biogeochemical cycling, Education
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work, Audio/Visual:Images/Illustrations, Activities

Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes

Jean Beard, Craig Nelson, Martin Nickles
This is a collection of classroom lessons to help high school biology teachers more effectively teach basic concepts in the areas of evolution and the nature of science. They were developed and ...
Subject: Biology:Evolution, Environmental Science:Ecosystems:Evolution, Education, Biology
Resource Type: Activities, Lab Activity, Classroom Activity

Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute

This site houses a compilation of curricular materials. Dozens of courses are listed, representing a broad spectrum of topics in the sciences and humanities. Most of the material was written for ...
Subject: Geoscience, Geology, Atmospheric Science, Education, Biology, Environmental Science, Global Change and Climate:Climate Change, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climate Change, Climatology
Resource Type: Course Information:Course Site:Course Notes, Activities:Field Activity, Lab Activity, Classroom Activity, Scientific Resources:Collection

Earthworks: Earth System Science For Secondary Teachers

Earthworks is a professional development program for science teachers that includes fieldwork, observations, problem-based learning, and practice with a variety of teaching and learning techniques. ...
Subject: Geoscience:Hydrology, Geology, Atmospheric Science, Atmospheric Science:Climatology , Education, Biology, Environmental Science:Ecosystems, Global Change and Climate:Climate Change, Environmental Science:Air Quality, Water Quality and Quantity, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Meteorology:Air quality, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climate Change
Resource Type: Activities:Field Activity, Activities

The Goal of Evolution Instruction: Belief or Literacy?

Robert A. Cooper
This paper discusses an approach to teaching evolution that allows students to develop an accurate understanding of the nature of science and the scientific process, resulting in improvement in their ...
Subject: Biology:Evolution, Environmental Science:Ecosystems:Evolution, Education
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources:Opinion, Overview/Summary

Environmental Education and Training Partnership

The Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP) identifies and implements essential training and support services for educators to foster environmental literacy through America's ...
Subject: Environmental Science, Education
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources:Collection

Scientific Argumentation in Earth System Science Education

Diane Schweizer Clayton, Catherine Gautier
We investigate the merit of including deliberate instruction on argumentation and debate in an undergraduate Earth system science course. We examine sample student evaluations of arguments ...
Subject: Education, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climate Change, Environmental Science:Global Change and Climate:Climate Change
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources:Research Results

Nano2Earth-The Nanoscience Curriculum Project at Virginia Tech

Mike Hochella
This web module from Virginia Tech creates an opportunity for teachers and students to learn about "cutting-edge" scientific research. In this project, an interdisciplinary team of ...
Subject: Geoscience:Hydrology, Geology:Mineralogy:Environmental Mineralogy, Geoscience:Geology:Geochemistry, Environmental Geology, Biology:Biogeochemistry, Education
Resource Type: Activities, Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work

Earth Sciences Education: an Extra Dimension to Science Education in Schools
N. Orion, D.B. Thompson, and C. King
This article outlines topics addressed at the first International Geoscience Education Conference in the United Kingdom in April 1993. It advocates the advance of Earth science education in primary ...

Subject: Education, Environmental Science
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work

Earth Sciences + Environmental Education = Earth Systems Education.
N. Orion
This background statement provides a context for three abstracts submitted to the Second International Conference on Geoscience Education. It calls on educational systems to place a higher priority ...

Subject: Geoscience:Geology, Environmental Science, Education
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work

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