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Future Planning

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What are the largest opportunities for your department in the next 3-5 years?

What are the largest threats for your department in the next 3-5 years?

Biggest threat, by far, is declining resources, at all levels (federal, state, institutional, etc.), especially for state/public institutions, and corresponding impact on departmental activities. Some areas most impacted by resource loss include:

Other threats included:
Are department planning efforts important, or valuable, for your department?

Almost all departments said that planning was critical. Written responses, however, showed an undercurrent of frustration. Those finding it not useful cited rapidly changing environments making plan out of date, rapidly changing administrative directives, etc. ("Is it heresy to say that planning isn't useful? Most of our plans have short half-lifes, as unpredicted changes in circumstances have forced us to abandon them," and "under the present budgetary climate, most planning has been limited to short term coping").

Those finding planning efforts useful concentrated the benefit in several areas, including: Strategies used in planning include:

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