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Most Important Factor in Departmental Success

Go back to the beginning of this presentation, by Randall Richardson and Susan Beck of the University of Arizona, about the results of a national survey of geoscience departments.

Key findings:

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Of the seven items listed below, which one would you choose as the single most important measure or indicator of departmental success?
  • Defining the mission of the department in such a way that it is aligned with the institution vision.
  • Taking a proactive stance in building modern and dynamic geoscience curricula and, as appropriate, research agendas.
  • Working effectively as a department team.
  • Acknowledging that recruitment, development, and retention of students, faculty, and staff are key elements of departmental success and working effectively in these areas.
  • Developing strong departmental leaders now and for the future.
  • Communicating success, using effective metrics, to colleagues, senior administrators, students, donors, and friends.
  • Forging strategic partnerships within the university (e.g., with biosciences, engineering, environmental studies, or geography) and outside the university (e.g., employers or alumni).

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