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Mantle Convection using Adaptive Mesh Refinement

This page from the University of Texas at Austin gives a snapshot and brief description of an adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) global mantle convection simulation. Part of the TACC Scientific ...

Plumes or reheated slabs?

A scientific discussion of the evolving conceptual model of mantle development, focusing on penetrative convection as an alternative hypothesis to plume convection.

Mantle convection currents and plate motions

This page from the University of Nebraska, Omaha, investigates the connection between mantle convection and plate tectonics. Topics discussed (with illustrations) include convection geometries, hot ...

Mantle Dynamics Research at RSES

This page from the Australian National University includes discussions (with figures) of research on mantle fluid dynamics and mantle evolution.

Dynamic Earth - Mantle Convection

This page from the University of Leeds gives an introduction to the drivers of plate tectonics, including links to illustrations depicting ridge push/ slab pull, ridge bathymetry, mantle tomographic ...

MIT Geophysics Seminar on Mantle Convection

MIT graduate geophysics course page including lecture notes and readings (.pdf) on a variety of topics related to mantle convection.

Mantle Convection Cell

An annotated illustration showing mantle convection and its relation to plate tectonics, from the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University.


This page from UC-Santa Cruz gives a description of the Earth's geomagnetic history, with several modeled images of the Earth's magnetic field. Included is a link to a PBS Nova animation of a ...

Origin of the Earth's Magnetic Field

This Knol page gives a brief history of our understanding of Earth's magnetic field, with a discussion of the evolving dynamo theory. It includes supporting figures as well as a Youtube video by J. ...

Magnetic Reversal video

This mpeg video shows the output of a magnetic field model during which a magnetic reversal occurs. The model is superimposed on a stationary Earth to highlight the field changes that would be ...

Numerical dynamo models

This page from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology explains current research modeling geomagnetic processes, including magnetic reversals and secular variation. Includes three supporting ...

Formation of current coils in geodynamo simulations

This Nature article describes experiments used to simulate the formation of a geodynamo. Included figures show convection vorticity, simulated sheet plumes, magnetic field structure near the inner ...

The truth about Earth's core?

This page uses the 1998 movie The Core (1998) to introduce what we actually know or suspect is true about the Earth's core. Includes discussion of current theories and mysteries from Rich Mueller ...

Origin of the Earth's Magnetic Field

This page from the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing describes numerical modeling of the geodynamo which gives rise to the Earth's magnetic field. A still image from their model runs is on the page ...

Magnetic field reversals and secular variation in a bistable geodynamo model

This page on geomagnetic simulations includes brief descriptions (with figures) on multiple research topics, including magneto-convection simulations, magnetic flux in helical flow, modeled magnetic ...

Numerical Models of the Geodynamo

This page from Peter Olson at Johns Hopkins University describes recent geomagnetic research. The page includes several illustrations and an animation of geomagnetic reversal.

Is the Earth's magnetic field about to flip?

This Science Blog page gives an introduction to the nature and characteristics of magnetic reversals, and how this is preserved in the geologic record.

Imagining Earth's Interior

This image from the COMPRES galleries show a dozen conceptions of the structure of the deep earth. The composite image is by Ed Garnero.

Minerals in Earth's Mantle

This image from the COMPRES galleries shows the various mineral species that make up the composition of the mantle and how that composition varies with depth down to the core-mantle boundary.

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