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Final Exam diagrams part of Cutting Edge:Complex Systems:Assessments
For a portion of thier final exam, the students must diagram two of the Earth Systems cycles.

Understanding What Students Know about Global Climate Change: Conceptual Understanding using Concept Maps part of Cutting Edge:Complex Systems:Assessments
This assessment is designed to assess what students know conceptually about global climate change using concept maps.

A Concept Mapping Assessment of Climate Change Concepts part of Cutting Edge:Student Learning: Observing and Assessing:Activities
After a brief tutorial on hierarchical concept maps, we ask students in a course on planetary climate change to construct a hierarchical concept map about climate, prompted by several leading questions about climate, climate science, and climate change around which we (roughly) organize the course. We conduct this exercise at the beginning and end of the semester, score the concept maps (two scorers with results reconciled and averaged), and evaluate changes in the scores statistically.

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