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This is a collection of useful web sites for teaching climate change. If you know of web sites, journal articles or other references that are useful for teaching and learning about climate issues or global warming, let us know about them.

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Subject: Atmospheric Science

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Arabian Sea pollution caused by natural sources part of SERC Web Resource Collection

Multiple data sets that estimate the source of aerosols over the ocean near the Indian subcontinent were analyzed to see whether the majority of the haze over the Arabian Sea is composed of natural ...
Subject: Atmospheric Science: Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Meteorology:Solar and terrestrial radiation, Environmental Science:Air Quality, Air Quality:Dust and Particulates, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Meteorology:Air quality:Dust and Particulates
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work:AGU Highlights

Giving Rise to the Jet Stream part of CLEAN Collection

This 15-panel interactive from NOVA Online describes some of the factors (e.g., Earth's rotation and the sun's uneven heating of Earth's surface) contributing to the formation of the ...
Subject: Atmospheric Science: Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Meteorology:Solar and terrestrial radiation, Geoscience:Oceanography:Ocean-Climate Interactions, Environmental Science:Global Change and Climate, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climatology , Meteorology:Atmospheric circulation, Winds, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climatology :Atmospheric and oceanic circulation, Solar radiation
Resource Type: Audio/Visual:Animations/Video

Solar Influences Data Analysis Center part of SERC Web Resource Collection

The Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC) is the World Data Center for the Sunspot Index. SIDC (RWC Belgium) calculates the daily, monthly and yearly International Sunspot Numbers and provides ...
Subject: Atmospheric Science: Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Meteorology:Measurements, Forecasting, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climatology , Geoscience:Atmospheric Science, Physics:Astronomy, Geoscience:Lunar and Planetary Science, Atmospheric Science:Meteorology:Solar and terrestrial radiation, Geoscience:Atmospheric Science:Climatology :Solar radiation
Resource Type: Datasets and Tools:Datasets

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