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Participant checklist to prepare for the Career Prep workshop

What to do in preparation for the workshop for Preparing for an Academic Career in the Geosciences

To help you get the most out of the workshop, we ask that you do several things in advance. Here's a list of those preparatory activities and their deadlines. If you find that your plans to attend the workshop have changed, please let Heather Macdonald know as soon as possible as we have a wait list for the workshop.

We encourage you to ask for funding to help cover the travel and registration fee for the workshop. You might ask your advisor, department chair, director of graduate programs, dean, career center and/or the teaching and learning center on campus. You might offer to give a seminar or workshop in the fall semester based on the workshop, providing something in return for the support you might get.

By May 16:

By May 30:

By June 28:

Prior to the workshop:

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