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Participant checklist to prepare for the Career Prep workshop

What to do in preparation for the workshop for Preparing for An Academic Career in the Geosciences

To help you get the most out of the workshop for Preparing for an Academic in the Geosciences, we ask that you do several things in advance. Here's a list of those preparatory activities and their deadlines:

By May 18:

  • Decide whether you will attend the optional sessions on Wednesday afternoon and/or Saturday morning. These are explained on the travel and logistics and workshop program pages.
  • Make your travel plans. For information on travel options and minimum arrival and departure times, see the travel and logistics page.
  • Register for the workshop, which includes choosing concurrent sessions (see workshop program for choices). You will need to know your travel plans when filling out the registration form.
  • Pay registration fee ($150 for lodging and workshop registration. If you are local and do not need housing, the registration fee is $50).
  • Complete the index of learning styles questionnaire. Report your results using the online ILS report form.

By June 15:

  • OPTIONAL, but STRONGLY encouraged: Upload your teaching and/or research statement(s) using the online statement upload form. Note: you don't need to have polished versions of these statements to upload; draft versions are fine. Participants who submit these statements in advance will participate in small group review sessions of their statements. Each group will work with one of the workshop leaders, who will offer their constructive feedback.

Prior to the workshop:

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