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Moving Your Research to a Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI)

The information below is based on a session at the 2007 Preparing for an Academic Career in the Geosciences Workshop, led by Kurt Friehauf (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania), Paul Hoskin, (University of Calgary), and Kathy Surpless (Trinity University).

At almost every primarily undergraduate institution in the US, geoscience faculty members are expected to engage in research. However, research programs at PUIs are generally quite different than at research universities with graduate programs. Here's some advice on how to move your research program to a PUI and make it work effectively for both you and your students.

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Find out your institution's expectations

While you almost certainly need to do research, institutional expectations vary greatly.

Finding funding

Your research program should be funded. (You don't, after all, want to be paying for it out of your own pocket.) But

Integrate your research and teaching

Involve your students

Your research must involve your students. Getting your students involved in research can change their lives; that's probably more significant than the results of your research will ever be, and it's one of the most common reasons PUIs expect faculty to do research.

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