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Academic Career Profiles

One way to assess whether a particular career track might be right for you is to read about the lives of people who have chosen that track -- what they do day to day, what the challenges and rewards of their jobs are, and so on. The profiles below offer a window into many different possible career tracks in the geosciences.

Profiles of "Preparing for an Academic Career" Workshop Leaders

The life of a professor (or instructor) can vary greatly, because of the great variety of academic institutions. While none of the profiles below is meant to be "representative" of a particular academic setting, collectively they help to illustrate this variety. The geoscientists shown below have been leaders of the Preparing for an Academic Career in the Geosciences Workshops. You can search the collection by highest degree granted (by their department), by typing text into the search box, or just by browsing.


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Career Profile: Devin Castendyk part of Career Profiles
In 1996, I received a BA in Geology from Hartwick College, a small, private, liberal arts college in Oneonta, New York. My experiences instilled in me a desire to teach geology at a small liberal arts institution. ...

Career Profile: Barbara Tewksbury part of Career Profiles
I received a BS in geology from St. Lawrence University in 1973 and went to graduate school at University of Colorado on an NSF graduate fellowship. I knew that I wanted to teach at an undergraduate institution ...

Highest Degree Granted by Dept: Bachelor's degree

Career Profile: Ed Harvey part of Career Profiles
I received my BS in Geology/Geophysics from Olivet Nazarene College in 1986, my MS in Hydrogeochemistry from Purdue University in 1990, and my PhD in Hydrogeology from the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) ...

Highest Degree Granted by Dept: Ph. D.

Career Profile: Dana Royer part of Career Profiles
I have a BA from University of Pennsylvania and a PhD from Yale University. After Yale, I spent one year at the University of Sheffield (UK) and three years at Penn State before landing my current position at ...

Highest Degree Granted by Dept: Master's degree

Career Profile: Joshua Villalobos part of Career Profiles
2011-Present-Associate Professor, District-wide coordinator for Geological Sciences, El Paso Community College (EPCC) 2006-2011- Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, EPCC 2003-2005- Adjunct ...

Highest Degree Granted by Dept: Associate's degree

Career Profile: Erin Kraal part of Career Profiles
I have a bachelors of science in geology from Washington and Lee University. Then I traveled to University of California Santa Cruz. First I earned my masters degree in surface processes. Then I changed advisors ...

Career Profile: Jake Sewall part of Career Profiles
I have a B.S. in Geology from Washington and Lee University and received a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences from the University of California at Santa Cruz. The combined experience of private and public higher education ...

Career Profile: David McConnell part of Career Profiles
I have a BSc from Queen's University, Northern Ireland. I went to Oklahoma State for a Masters. I thought it would be a nice wee 2-year excursion to the US that turned in to a career. I was much better as a ...

Career Profile: Sandra Yuter part of Career Profiles
1996 Ph.D., University of Washington, Atmospheric Sciences. 1985-86 Additional coursework, University of Southern California, Artificial Intelligence and Probability Theory. 1983 B.S., Brown University, ...

Career Profile: David Budd part of Career Profiles
BA, 1976, The College of Wooster; MS, 1987 Duke University; PhD, 1984 The University of Texas at Austin; ARCO E&P thru 1986; faculty at University of Colorado at Boulder since 1987.

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