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Workshop Stipends

Funding for participants

If your institution has limited resources to support your travel to and participation in Cutting Edge workshops, you may be eligible for assistance from our workshop stipend fund. Because our funds are limited, we encourage you to first pursue possible sources of funding on your campus, such as your department chair, dean, center for teaching and learning, or other faculty development programs.

To be supported by this funding, a participant must be either a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident, or in the employ of a U.S. institution. If you don't meet these requirements and are interested in participating in a workshop at your own expense, please contact the workshop conveners. All participants are expected to participate in the entire workshop.

Participants or their home institution are expected to provide transportation to and from the workshop. For some workshops, participants also pay a registration fee that covers some of the workshop expenses (e.g., partial room and board).

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We try to award workshop stipends to those participants with demonstrated financial need. When funds are insufficient to meet the needs of all applicants, funds are awarded to all applicants at a level based on need.


The workshop stipend application deadline varies by workshop (see schedule below). Typically, the stipend application deadline is a few weeks after participants are notified of their acceptance to the workshop. Stipend award decisions are then made within two or three weeks of the stipend application deadline so that participants will know the results of their stipend application prior to the workshop registration deadline.

Disbursement details

Awards will be issued after the workshop and after the awardees' participation in the entire workshop is verified by a workshop convener. While awardees are not asked to submit travel receipts, they must provide tax identification information to the College of William & Mary before the award can be issued. Awardees will be contacted within three weeks of the stipend award application deadline with complete instructions.

If you have questions regarding the stipend awards, please contact us via email: CuttingEdge AT

2015 workshop stipend award application deadlines and maximum awards

How to apply

Fill out the stipend application form (for most workshops, after you've been accepted to participate in the workshop). We'll notify you of your stipend award amount, if any, before the registration deadline for your workshop.

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